• Ivonne Oquendo

It's ok to break up with friends who don't support you!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Not all friendships are meant to last forever, and that’s fine. While you shouldn’t casually discard friendships over minor arguments or inconveniences, you should grant yourself permission to move on from relationships that no longer nourish and support you. If you feel exhausted just by the idea of hanging out with someone, it’s probably a sign that you should move on.

You have a relationship with everyone you’ve ever had an interaction with. That relationship can last just a moment, a lifetime, or anything in between. In each relationship, you cross paths and learn from one another, and since each of us are on different paths, you might only be walking side by side for a little while. You also might cross paths later on. Understand that throughout your life, there will be many people who you meet, love, and learn from and that ultimately, YOU play a role in determining how long you walk along a certain path.

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