• Ivonne Oquendo

The Problem With Bone Broth and The Perfect Solution

There’s no doubt that bone broth can help heal the gut. At least that’s what most agree on. However, if you deal with HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE issues, bone broth can do more harm than good because histamine content is fairly high. If you want to enjoy the benefits of Bone Broth but have histamine intolerance, here are some tips to keep the histamines at bay!

1- If using chicken bones, remove any skin and rinse throughly. Histamines accumulate in the skin. Use backs and necks. Skin from feet is more difficult to remove.

2- If using beef marrow bones, roast the bones in the oven before making the broth.

3-Use the freshest bones you can. Either from your local butcher or previously flash frozen bones. The longer the bones sit on display, the more histamines they accumulate.

4-Use a pressure cooker such as Instant Pot and limit cooking time to no more than 2 hours. The longer you cook your broth the higher the histamine levels. You will still get a fairly gelatinous healing broth using the pressure cooker for 2 hours.

5-Keep your broth simple by not adding other ingredients that might contain histamines.

6- Let cool slightly and store in freezer. Do not keep your broth in the fridge.

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