• Ivonne Oquendo

The Top 3 Most Common Toxic Ingredients Looming In Your Toothpaste

On this journey to a healthier lifestyle, we tend to focus more on food and exercise, however, the products we use for our daily hygiene are important as well. We use toothpaste on a daily basis and unbeknownst to most, certain chemicals in your conventional toothpaste can be quite harmful to your health.


Fluoride is a chemical that accumulates in your tissue over time. It can cause neurological, as well as endocrine system problems. It has been classified in several studies as a neurotoxin.


Triclosan is added to toothpaste to “fight plaque and gingivitis”. It is an antibacterial chemical that has been linked to antibiotic resistance, endocrine disruption, as well as thyroid dysfunction.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

SLS is a harmful chemical responsible for the foaming action in toothpaste. SLS has also been linked to canker sores and skin irritation. Even more alarming is the fact that it s registered as a pesticide.

Read your labels and make the switch to a more natural toothpaste. Your body will thank you!

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